Manufacture parts quickly using the strongest technical materials with industrial 3D printer Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL X. Thanks to the new system featuring a heated chamber and cooled mechanics, printing technical materials it’s even easier.

Delivery         4 weeks


Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL X  is manufactured in metal with strong steel core belts and features a thermal and acoustic insulation.

Hot and Cold technology” allows the control of room temperature up to 70°C and cools down the mechanics making the print of technical materials easier.

Dual extruder WASP ZEN X Extruder for single and multi-material prints. Different materials from 0 to 350 ° with the same cartridge and with the possibility to easily switch nozzles with multiple diameters.
Swapping the WASP ZEN X Extruder for the WASP FLEX Extruder to print soft materials (up to shore 50A) takes only few minutes.

The external Bowden replaces the suspended thanks to the new “Filament driver X”. The grip on the filament is doubled and the force tripled thanks to two hardened steel gears and a gearbox.

Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL X can be connected to Wifi network so that you can manage your printer from smartphone, tablet or PC. Inside the printer there’s now a camera for monitoring the print even from afar.



Continuous Print  when the used extruder runs out of filament, the print continues with the other extruder (if correctly loaded)
Bed safety sensor automatic system that avoids the collision of the extruder on the plate. Automatic security system.
Gcode analyzer gcode error checking system.
Auto check automatic error recognition routine.
Mesh auto calibration mesh plate calibration.
Hot and Cold tecnology heated chamber and cooling of the mechanics
WIFI machine connected to the network for monitoring and control
New GUI new touch interface with bigger TFT display
Camera on-board  for monitoring and timelapse
Remote intervention WASP technicians can work from remote on your machine in case of issues


1 kg of PLA in spool.

Packaging for national/international shipping in wooden box (100 cm x 100 cm x 230 cm, peso 250 kg).



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