Aluminium Printing Bed Delta WASP 60100


Accessory for the Delta WASP 60100 printing plate.


Fibral Aluminium Printing Bed for the 3D printer Delta WASP 60100.

The 8 mm fibral aluminium printing bed allows to obtain a more stable level in the whole printing surface, thanks to its adjustment process. Furthermore thanks to the high aluminium thermal conductivity we have also improved the heating of the bed. This to avoid surfaces adulteration and to quickly release heat to the object and improve the layer adhesion.

8 mm thick;
fibral with planar surface;
Improved printed piece adhesion with the brushed surface;
Improved thermal conduction.

N.B. Please be sure to have modified the z hight from the menu once the plate has been replaced.


Apply the hairspray to the build plate before putting it in the machine to prevent the spray from getting all over the interior components.

Place the build plate in the machine, and align the three holes on the build plate with the holes on the heating plate.

Screw three M5 x 16 screws into these three holes until the build plate is secured.

To calibrate the printing bed, reduce the hight from the preset value of the difference between 8 mm (aluminium plate hight) and the plate used before: menu>prepare>modify hight> – x mm.

Level the plate: menu>prepare>manual level following this sequence:01, 02, 03, 01, 02, 03, 00.

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