3D Printing Basic Course


Would you like to learn the 3D printing basics? Here is the course you were looking for: it is held by the best WASP technicians!

The next available dates are: 
10.09.2021 in Italiano
24.09.2021 in English



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In normal times the course takes place at WASP Headquarter. To face the Covid 19 Emergency  Due to the limitations and our desire to better preserve everyone’s health, the next starting courses will be held online in WEBINAR mode.

Why do you have to choose this course?
You are passionate about 3D printing world and do you want to understand it more? You have a Delta WASP 3D printer and do you want to learn how to use it in the best way? Take advantage of our 3D Printing basic course: you will have the opportunity to learn, experiment, ask! It is designed for the approach to the 3D printing world.

This course is dedicated to
The 3D Printing basic course is dedicated to you that want to know this world and the first steps to use Delta WASP printers. Why should you take this course? Because it can open up a lot of opportunities, and it will give you the indispensable skills to face the Advanced courses. It is perfect to understand how to use 3D printing in everyday life or at work.

Minimum required skills
You do not need to have special requirements to participate, just a great desire to learn! The computer is not mandatory but it is recommended to follow the software installation.

What you will get with this course
You will be able to take the first steps with your 3D printer: let’sl start experimenting and practicing, testing yourself day after day with additive printing. You will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course. During the course we will use Cura and Simplify3D® Software, two of the most popular slicing software.

What will you learn?
Which are the fundamental parameters to obtain correct printing;
The techniques to avoid the most frequent and widespread printing errors;
How to calibrate a 3D printer;
How to start the printer to get a final prototype.


3D printing course for beginner. Applications, materials, software to understand tools related to the world of 3D printing.


  • Introduction to WASP reality;
  • History of additive technology;
  • Delta kinematics;
  • Applications and materials;
  • How to get an .stl file: online libraries, 3D scanning, 3D modeling;
  • Design rules for additive technology;
  • Mesh export and repair;
  • Slicing software: Simplify 3D and Cura;
  • How to start a print;
  • Post production and pieces finishing;
  • 3D printer ordinary maintenance.

Useful informations

The 3D Printing basic course will have a maximum number of 10 participants, a minimum of 5, it will be held, basing on requests, in Italian and / or in English.

Nicola Schiavarelli

Nicola Schiavarelli

Product manager, he has been involved in training since WASP was born. He is flexible and versatile in all fields that accompany the world of additive manufacturing. With Nicola it will be possible to discover all the main topics to become excellent 3D printers users.

The next available dates are listed in the initial product description. In case of non-activation we will propose the following date.
Normally the basic 3D printing course is held on Friday. The course lasts 2 hours and 30, from 10:00 to 12:30 approximately. 

We would like that 3D printing and maker culture spread as much as possible: for this reason we offer you the 3D Printing basic course at an affordable price. The registration fee is € 80.00 (excluding VAT) per person.
Student discount: if you are a student, send a copy of the university card at [email protected], we will send you a coupon to get the discounted price of € 60.00 (VAT excluded).

If you want to learn more about 3D Clay printing too, choose the Clay 3D printing Basic course, which includes the 3D Printing basic course (2,5h) plus 2.5 hours of Clay course in the afternoon (Total 5 hours) for only 120 Euros + VAT.

How to get there


In normal times the course takes place at WASP Headquarter. To face the Covid 19 Emergency  Due to the limitations and our desire to better preserve everyone’s health, the next starting courses will be held online in WEBINAR mode.
We will carry out the courses at our office as soon as possible.  Find the information to reach us below!

WASP operational headquarters: Via Castelletto 104 Massa Lombarda. You will see 3D printers of all sizes, prints of all types and a lot of creativity. How to get there?

  • By car: A14 Highway, exit at Imola, then follow the signs for Massa Lombarda, Fruges.It’s easy but it’s better to set your car navigator!
  • By train: It is a bit complicated to get to Massa Lombarda by train, there is a station but it is poorly served: you can find timetables on www.trenitalia.it or on https://www.zaganellibus.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/MODIFICHE-LINEA-177-OTTOBRE-2019.pdf.
  • By bus: Bus is better if you arrive from Bologna, you can take a TPer bus. https://www.tper.it/
  • By plane: the closest airport is Bologna. Once landed, you must arrive in the center and take the TPer bus to Massa Lombarda. https://www.tper.it/ or a train of www.trenitalia.it.


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