WASP 40100 LDM

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The clay 3D printer. WASP 40100 LDM is designed to print any fuid-dense material, including Clays, Stoneware, Porcelain and Earthenware.

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Fast, precise, flexible

The new WASP 40100 LDM (Liquid Deposition Modeling) is the perfect tool for ceramic 3D printing in medium/large scale.

Accurate and fast using all ceramic materials, the machine is open and accessible on all three sides to allow interaction during the printing.

The machine features LDM WASP Extruder 3.0:, the professional ceramic extruder equipped with a screw system capable of regulating the output flow of the material, allowing a rapid flow interruption and a good retraction control.

The optional LDM WASP Extruder XL 3.0 is a larger version of the LDM 3.0, allowing you to work with larger nozzles and higher material flow rates of up to 8 mm in diameter.

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Screw extruder
The equipped WASP LDM 3.0 Extruder features a stainless-steel extrusion screw that enables printing with retractions.

Huge prints
Up to 1 mt tall.

Interactive Interface
7-inch TFT touch screen display and 60 LED RGB bar.

Camera on-board
It allows remote monitoring of the printing process and timelapse.


1x 5L aluminum tank
1x WASP LDM 3.0 Extruder
1x Nozzle set (1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm)
1x Luer lock nozzle adapter with conical nozzles 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm
1x Phenolic plywood printing plate
1x USB drive
12 kgs of clay
1x Tank support
1x Tank spring holder
1x Material transport tube
1x Power supply cable
1x Simplify3D® slicing software
(license included)
1x Online Course
setup, use and maintenance of 3D printer and of additional printing tools


WASP 40100 LDM is compatible with a range of optional accessories that expand its capabilities.

The Continuous Feeding System (CFS) allows you to constantly add new material to the printer, overcoming the limited capacity of the tank while mechanically degassing the material without a vacuum pump.

The Manual Feeding extruder is designed for printing with rapid-setting cement and geopolymers, thanks to its stainless-steel funnel body and self-cleaning system.

Lastly, the Automated Production System (APS) enables the printing of ceramic artifacts in series, automatically replacing the used printing plate with a new one. The used buildplate is then independently transported to a conveyor belt waiting to be picked up.


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