PLA Pellet 8 kg


Color: Neutral
Weight: 8kg
Packaging: The material travels in a strong, stackable and resealable polypropylene bucket
Printability: high
Extrusion temperature: 180°-210°


PLA in high-quality granules for large format 3D printers. PLA is a very popular polymer in FGF printing thanks to its excellent processability.
Its origin from corn starch makes it a bio-based and compostable polymer.

Its characteristics make it the perfect material for any type of geometry and for printing at high speed.

WASP PLA in pellets is chosen to ensure excellent performance and ease of use on your WASP printer.

To keep the qualities of the materials intact as much as possible, WASP supplies neutral pellets.

The neutral material can be colored by mixing it with the master (color) before the printing phase, approximately in the proportion of 50 g / 1 kg.

WASP recommends always drying the granule before use to obtain the best results.

The material travels in a strong, stackable, and resealable polypropylene bucket.

For quantities over 100 kg, it is possible to request a more favorable list price by contacting us using this form 

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Weight8 kg
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